Sofia Airport transfer on a budget: Using the metro

Sofia,  Bulgaria’s historic capital city, is definitely an up and coming destination. With an increase in low-cost flights from other parts of Europe, as well as some serious investment in tourist sites and infrastructure, it may still be a little off your radar – but it’s time to look a bit closer! With affordable accommodation to match the great airfares, it’s the perfect budget destination;[…]

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istanbul layover 1

Istanbul layover? How to experience the city on a transit visit

Istanbul is a major hub for reasonably-priced flights from Europe to the Middle East and further afield, but it is better known as a fascinating city in its own right. Got a layover in Istanbul? Here’s how to make the most of your time and experience a little of the city. Time I transited through Istanbul with a layover time of 7.5 hours, arriving at[…]

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travel plans featured

When travel plans go wrong!!

I had a Facebook message from a friend the other day: “Have you ever had any airport disasters?”. Well, let’s just say I might have done… once or twice. The question inspired me to write about some of the occasions when it all went – for want of a better word – wrong. I’ve obviously done more than my fair share of flying. I still get a thrill out of[…]

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Getting over “the shock”: On culture shock and how to handle it

Culture shock. If you’ve ever travelled, you’ve experienced it; if you’ve travelled as much as I have, you have experienced it in all the colours of the rainbow. I still clearly remember my first major dose of culture shock. Of course I’d travelled before; through my childhood and adolescence I spent plenty of holidays in France in particular, and was used to the concept of[…]

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