National Museum - Kachikally Crocodile Pool
The Gambia

Visit the Gambia National Museum, Banjul

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If you are visiting the Gambian capital, the Gambia National Museum in Banjul is well worth a stop-off.

This compact but varied museum is located in an old colonial building which was formerly used at the Bathurst Club in the 1920s and the Legislative Assembly in the 1960s.

Ground floor exhibits

The museum houses a number of varied exhibits over three floors. Discover the culture and politics of the Banjul area, traditional clothing and utensils, the archaeology of The Gambia, and the country’s economic and political history. On the basement floor is a fascinating display of traditional musical instruments, including a variety of drums and stringed instruments including the kora, which was first developed in the region. Visitors can get their hands on the instruments to try them out for themselves.

Some of the traditional items on display

The Gambia National Museum is open from 7am to 6pm daily, and can be found on Independence Drive in the heart of Banjul.

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