Monkey Temple, Shimla

Monkey business: or why monkeys aren’t as cute as they seem…

Now, if you’re anything like me, you grew up thinking that monkeys were cute. I mean, what’s not to like? They’re fluffy, with long tails to swing from trees, plus they have tiny hands just like ours on their feet. They tick every box. Then I started travelling. To be fair to monkeys, they probably are cute, deep down. The trouble is that we have invaded[…]

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A blessing from Mother Ganges

Evening is falling, and I am in a boat on the Ganges. We are in Varanasi, and have made our way downtown by cycle rickshaw, two of us ladies squeezed into a seat which was surely made for narrower hips than ours, pedalled through slums and down busy city streets to the river’s edge. It’s late March and the air is warm; the lights on the[…]

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Moldova: Europe’s Last Frontier

I went to Moldova in March 2016. It was a fluke, really. I was in Bucharest for work, and having already spent some free time in Romania on a previous trip, I was keen to go somewhere different. Moldova is one of those places which have fascinated me for years, in part because I was never sure if I would ever get there. Now I was getting[…]

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vegetarian in poland 4

Vegetarian in Poland? Here’s how to cope!

So I’m vegetarian. Or not really; I eat fish, which makes me a pescatarian, but that always sounds pretentious so I usually go with “vegetarian who eats fish”. Which normally either (a) confuses people or (b) prompts them to say “don’t you mean pescatarian”? But I digress. Anyway, I have recently returned from a wonderful New Year trip to Poland, where we stayed in a[…]

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Weathering the storm in Cuba

Trinidad de Cuba, 23 October 2014   The following are notes I made during a memorably rainy night in Cuba, October 2014. My attempts to miss the wet season on this trip failed miserably, but it made it more of an adventure. The notes below have not been edited since I scribbled them at the time, determined to capture the feeling for posterity.   Trinidad[…]

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So, why did I set up a blog?

I’ve been lucky enough, over the last 10 years or so, to visit some truly incredible places. In fact, I’ve been dreaming about travel for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I remember playing for hours with my doll, daydreaming about a life somewhere exotic and far from home. My two locations of preference were Northern Norway and – for some[…]

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