Jill at Reading the Book Travel

Jill at Reading the Book Travel

I’m Jill, and I’m a British blogger who has been travelling for more than 15 years, visiting 65 countries on 6 continents. I love to travel both solo and with groups, and to discover the cultures and peoples of the countries I visit. And I love to share a good story or two along the way!

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North and East India: What to see and do in (almost) every state!

India. It’s my favourite destination by far – for the colour, the heat, the swirling crowds and the incredible culture. But what destination in India should you pick for your own visit? Well, I asked the experts to weigh in with their own suggestions! A mixture of...

Nizwa Souq: The magic of Oman

I am a huge fan of the Middle East. The exotic desert landscapes, the mysterious and timeless style of the local people, the sound of the call to prayer, the spices of the market... all of them stick in my consciousness like a memory I want to cling to forever....