small group travel

Small group travel: Is it right for you?

I am a huge advocate of small group travel, and it is something I have been doing for many years. I also find that, more and more, friends are asking my advice about taking the plunge. But is it right for you?

What is small group travel?

Small group travel generally means joining a tour run by a European, American or Australian company, with a total of around 14-16 travellers per group.… Keep reading

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lost in translation

Can’t speak the language? How to survive being lost in translation…

In addition to my love of travel, I have always loved and been fascinated by foreign languages: how we can experience the same world but express it in such different ways and with such a mixture of sounds. If, like me, you are a native English speaker then, like me, you have been handed a gift on a golden platter, because so much of the world uses English as a common or second language.… Keep reading

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How to go punting in Cambridge, England - and look good doing it!

How to go punting in Cambridge – and look good doing it!

Punting down the Backs, the water meadows of the River Cam, is the classic Cambridge activity and has been enjoyed by students, residents and visitors alike for centuries. Fancy giving it a try? Here’s everything you need to know about punting in Cambridge!

How to go punting in Cambridge, England - and look good doing it!

Pick your location

There are several locations where you can sample the full punting experience, and it just depends on your mood.… Keep reading

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travel health

Travel health: How to stay well when you’re travelling

I love to travel, I really love to travel. I’ve been to more than my fair share of locations in Europe and some in North America, but I do also like a bit of culture clash, and my favourite trips are inevitably to countries in the developing world. This means that I am exposed to diseases and risks which are different from what my European body has been accustomed to for most of my life.… Keep reading

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