The Wolfville wineries are a great day out in Nova Scotia, but Wolfville and Port Williams are much more - the ultimate foodie destination with wine, cider and spirits that are unique to the region. |Wolfville Nova Scotia | Canada wineries | #wolfvillens #wolfville #canada

Wolfville wineries and more: A perfect food and drink tour in Nova Scotia

An hour’s drive north of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the small town of Wolfville and its neighbour, Port Williams, have gained a reputation for their high quality wineries, breweries and distilleries. Together with an active foodie scene, this region makes for the perfect day trip from the provincial capital. Organised tours of the Wolfville wineries abound, but why not grab yourself a designated driver and make[…]

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Weathering the storm in Cuba

Trinidad de Cuba, 23 October 2014   The following are notes I made during a memorably rainy night in Cuba, October 2014. My attempts to miss the wet season on this trip failed miserably, but it made it more of an adventure. The notes below have not been edited since I scribbled them at the time, determined to capture the feeling for posterity.   Trinidad[…]

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