kibera slum tour pin

Kibera: Visiting Africa’s biggest slum

Something that’s really important to me is to learn about everyday life in the countries I visit. It doesn’t matter whether the country is affluent or impoverished, I want to see behind the tourist veneer and get a glimpse into how people live, the reality of normal life. In the past, this has taken me to supermarkets, residential streets and, in India, a multiplex cinema where I had the samosa special and watched modern Bollywood for an afternoon.… Keep reading

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tree climbing lions kenya

The lion that climbed the tree: Encounters on the plains of Kenya

In September 2015 I went to Kenya. I was on my way to another location in Africa, but as so often happens, my flights there and back transited in Nairobi and the temptation to see something outside the airport was too much to bear. So it was that I broke my journey on the way home, and spent two days and two nights in on a whistle-stop tour of the area.… Keep reading

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