Moldova: Europe’s Last Frontier

Moldova - Bread
Traditional bread and wine welcome in Moldova – sadly, not for me!

I went to Moldova in March 2016.

It was a fluke, really. I was in Bucharest for work, and having already spent some free time in Romania on a previous trip, I was keen to go somewhere different. Moldova is one of those places which have fascinated me for years, in part because I was never sure if I would ever get there.… Keep reading

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vegetarian in poland 4

Vegetarian in Poland? Here’s how to cope!

So I’m vegetarian. Or not really; I eat fish, which makes me a pescatarian, but that always sounds pretentious so I usually go with “vegetarian who eats fish”. Which normally either (a) confuses people or (b) prompts them to say “don’t you mean pescatarian”? But I digress.

Anyway, I have recently returned from a wonderful New Year trip to Poland, where we stayed in a spa town on the southern border with Slovakia, ate and drank far too much, went on wintery hikes, and memorably tried snowshoeing (which is much more fun downhill than uphill… at least until you go the wrong way, reach a bit which is steeper than you meant to attempt, fall over when you try it anyway, and have to shuffle the rest of the way down on your bottom because you can’t stand up again in snowshoes on a steep hill.… Keep reading

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